sunlight simulation / smart furniture / diploma thesis

The concept applies illuminating space and users by transmission and simulation the sunlight in designed seating. The design is to supply natural light, its specific emotions as well as the life-giving function in the environment where humans often absent it. 

Sunlight helps us in production of serotonin and melatonin, which is also important for our sleep cycles. 98% of sunlight absorbed by our body is trough eyes and 2% is trough the skin. 

Why the sunlight?

How it works?

Morphology recalls the maple seed, its wings stretch up over the seat and thus create a microclimate through light transparent fabric. The intention was to create a dependent relationship between seat, light and environment where it is  situated. 
The LED technology simulates its color and intensity. LED cycle is fully automatic and preset via mobile app by the geographical location of the installation or other requirements. Console in the middle is used to direct light intensity control.
The cover surface is elastic, transparent fabric. Layers stretched over construction provides the necessary light effect thanks to its transparency and perforated surface of the inner layers.
sunlight cycle

The process

“from Nature to VR”